There are cases, even they are exceptional, when solitude treats. Šťastná Samota is a farmstead dating back to the end of the 18th century renovated with feeling and love in the middle of the picturesque Central Bohemian countryside. The magic of this exceptional place will free you from stress and enable you to forget your everyday worries and relax with your nearest and dearest. Get to know this stylish, unique place, seemingly made for large family celebrations as a private haven for up to fourteen accommodated guests and two well-trained dogs. Šťastná Samota links luxury accommodation in privacy with the comfort of home.


Šťastná Samota is several kilometres away from civilisation, in the middle of meadows and fields in the southern rolling and forested area of Central Bohemia, not far from Vrchotovy Janovice town. In addition to trips, points of interest and natural and historical beauty spots, the surrounding area offers unusual experiences as a part of outdoor activities.


The story of Šťastná Samota began in 1787, when the first part was built as a gentleman’s game lodge. A farmstead was later built on the neighbouring land. The place gradually started to be known as “Samota U Balíčka” (Balíček’s Solitude). The individual properties were sensitively renovated into their current form a few years ago and the two farmsteads were connected. You can find more here.


Šťastná Samota offers self-catering family accommodation in privacy. It is available to you as a whole, it is fully equipped and can accommodate up to 14 people (one apartment with an en suite bathroom and six double rooms with three bathrooms). Large social spaces are in the separate building. You can find more about the accommodation and facilities here.


In the garden, which has an area of more than 8,000 m2, you will find plenty of privacy for you to relax in. Children will have fun in the children’s corner and an outdoor swimming pool is on disposal. There are several terraces for you to rest on – by the small vineyard for morning coffee, by the swimming pool for afternoon sun and the third for outdoor meals with a large table, parasols and both gas and OFYR barbecues. There is also a classic outdoor fire pit and a place to play pétanque.


Šťastná Samota is an exceptional place to hold your wedding, celebration or corporate event. The number of guests is variable as we can make use of the large garden space. We work with leading agencies, which will tailor your event according to your wish. Please contact us in case of your interest.


We are honoured to repeatedly receive an award from the Amazing Places portal.


The oldest specific record from the farmstead’s history dates from 28 December 1787, when the manor farmstead in Braštice, number 6, was purchased by Václav Dvořák (the Braštice gamekeeper) from the Vrchotovy Janovice manor management office. The record states: “On the day and year inscribed below, a voluntary contract was done with the will and permission of the Noble Gentleman at the request of Václav Dvořák, at this time Braštice gamekeeper, between the management office on the one part and Václav Dvořák on the other part for the gamekeeper’s cottage, which was built for him and his heirs at his own expense…”

It is therefore clear that the farmstead was built on a green field in 1787 and in the following years on manor land, i.e. land belonging directly to the lord, it was called the “gamekeeper’s cottage for Braštice”. This means that the cottage was originally built as a (gentleman’s) game lodge.

Six houses in Braštice are shown in Schaller’s topography, published for Beroun Region in 1788. There are unfortunately not many historical sources for the village of Braštice. This is partly due to a fire at Votice Chateau in 1746, where practically the whole historical archive of Votice manor and Vrchotovy Janovice farm was destroyed, and partly because the village belonged entirely to the manor, so it is not shown by historical land registers (until Joseph’s land register only property not owned by nobles had been taxed, i.e. recorded).

It is also not easy to trace the precise origin of the local name “U Balíčka”, later sometimes also “U Balíčků”. One possibility is that it is derived from an owner’s first name or surname (meaning “Balíček’s Place” or “Balíčeks’ Place”). The surname “Balík” was found in a historical farmstead in Mrvice, but not next to the current property, although there are “Mrvice” fields and meadows in the area.

This possibility cannot be ruled out. Over time it could have become “Balíček”. The second possibility is that the local name could be derived from the word “Balík” (the diminutive of which is “Balíček”), which in the southern part of Central Bohemia was used for a certain shape of the land where, because of wet ground, trees were planted in heaped earth, called a “balík” (in English “package”). Given that the land registry map shows a small wood in these parts, this idea may not be wrong. Over time, it could have happened that the second possibility, whose precise meaning stopped being generally known, could have “degraded” to the first option, i.e. “U Balíčka” (meaning a wood, the building was originally a game lodge) became “U Balíčků”.


  • January to May, October to December 15.000 Kč

    weekdays (night from Sunday to Monday through Thursday to Friday)

  • January to May, October to December 20.000 Kč

    weekends (night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday)

  • New Years Eve 35.000 Kč

    31st December 2024 (1 night), check-in possible from 10:00 am.

  • June to September 20.000 Kč

    weekdays (night from Sunday to Monday through Thursday to Friday)

  • June to September 25.000 Kč

    weekends (night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday)

Prices are stated for 1 night including 10 % VAT and the accommodation fee for the hamlet of Vrchotovy Janovice. The minimum length of stay is 2 nights if not stated differently.


If you are interested in reserving accommodation, continue HERE.  After checking the date, we will promptly contact you.



The bedrooms are situated in a separate two-storey building, quite separate from the other parts of the complex. Because all guests sleep in a separate building, nothing will disturb you when you are resting, even if some of the other guests are having fun in the social space. On the ground floor you will find an apartment with a king-size bed and an en suite bathroom, as well as three separate rooms with king-size beds and one bathroom. On the first floor there are other three separate rooms with king-size beds and two bathrooms.


The original barn has been transformed into a beautiful residential space, in which the kitchen, dining room and two residential parts are linked. One of them is purely for relaxation – in it you will find a library full of books and a wonderful glazed fireplace. The second living area may surprise you due to its location, because it will be over your heads right under the roof. You can laze around there watching satellite television. You will certainly be delighted by the huge windows all around the barn, from which there is a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.


Lovers of cooking will be delighted with the wonderfully equipped kitchen with Miele appliances (induction hob, wok panel, steam oven with a grill, dish heater, fridge freezer, dishwasher) and a Nespresso coffee machine. The kitchen includes all ordinary small home appliances and kitchen aids from the leading manufacturer WMF (toaster, mixer, vegetable slicer, smoothie mixer, etc.), crockery, glasses, etc. There is also a dining table with 14 chairs and complete settings.


60” Neo QLED Samsung television with Skylink and Astra satellite reception, Apple TV, Netflix, music system


Comfy seating on chairs and sofas, fireplace.


Separate space for individual relaxation.


The beds are freshly made. The bathrooms have towels, bath cosmetics and hairdryers. If needed, there is a laundry room with a Miele washer and dryer, as well as an ironing board.


Cleaning is performed after guests leave; more frequent cleaning, however, can be arranged on request for an additional fee. Basic cleaning implements and products are available for own small-scale cleaning in the main residential room.


There is naturally free Wi-Fi connection to the internet throughout the property.


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From Prague you can reach us on the D1 and E55 motorway towards České Budějovice in about an hour. After passing Benešov and Bystřice on the bypass, take the Petrovice, Drachkov exit and go right shortly before Vrchotovy Janovice, around Zrcadlo fishpond towards Braštice.

At Kamenný rybník (fishpond) turn left off the asphalt road onto a field track and pass by a farmhouse. After a kilometre and a half, you will come to Šťastná Samota. Don’t worry about going through the gate (if it is open). The last section is on a hardened field track.

All vehicles with ordinary axes can make the journey slowly without any problems in any weather. Using supersports or sports cars with a very low clearance is, however, not appropriate in this section.

The farmstead can comfortably accommodate 14 guests. Children are also welcome at Šťastná Samota, for the smallest ones there is a cot with bedding, a high chair, steps, a child bath and a potty.

We will expect you at Šťastná Samota on the arrival day from 4 PM. Departure is by 10 AM.

A dog is man’s best friend, so up to two well-trained dogs are welcome at Šťastná Samota. During the day they can run about in the garden and in all the indoor space, at night they should only be with you in your bedrooms. One dog basket and bowls will be prepared. Please consult us before bringing in any other animals.

The farmstead is self-catering, there is a perfectly equipped kitchen, outdoor gas and wood barbecues and a fire pit where you can prepare food.

Up to 6 cars and one medium-sized helicopter can fit on our car park. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for written approval for landing on the Šťastná Samota lot.