Accommodation Rules

Šťastná Samota


The business corporation ŠŤASTNÁ SAMOTA s.r.o., with its registered office at V Přístavu 1585/12, 170 00 Prague 7, registered under the identification number 03841171 (the company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague in Section C, Insert 238623), (hereinafter referred to as the “Accommodation Provider”), which is an operator of a private accommodation facility of a rural type in a homestead and a building for family recreation at the address Braštice 9, 257 53 Vrchotovy Janovice (hereinafter referred to as “Št’astná Samota”) on the one side, and a natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) ordering private accommodation from the Accommodation Provider for themselves or other persons (hereinafter referred to as the “Guests”) on the other side, have entered into an accommodation contract, an integral part of which are the General Terms and Conditions referring to these Accommodation Rules, which the Guests undertake to comply with. 


Accommodation conditions

Accommodation is provided in the form of private accommodation. During the stay at Št’astná Samota, the staff of the Accommodation Provider is not permanently available to the Guests, but they may be present at Št’astná Samota at certain times for the purpose of operation and maintenance. In this case, the privacy and peace of Guests will be respected to the maximum extent possible.

Meals are not provided by the Accommodation Provider.

Transportation to Šťastná Samota is individual. Parking of motor vehicles is available in the parking area located on the premises of Št’astná Samota. The Accommodation Provider is not liable for any theft of the vehicle or its belongings.

Check-in is possible no earlier than 4:00 pm on the first day of the accommodation date specified in the reservation, unless otherwise agreed.

Check-out must take place no later than 10:00 am on the last day of the accommodation period specified in the reservation, unless otherwise agreed.

Št’astná Samota can only accommodate Guests who properly register upon arrival in accordance with applicable law. The Guest is not entitled to allow overnight stays to persons who are not properly registered for accommodation.

The Accommodation Provider is not responsible for items brought by Guests to Št’astná Samota. The Accommodation Provider is not responsible for damage to the health and property of the Guests or theft of items left in the freely accessible parts of Št’astná Samota.


BASIC Rights and Obligations of Guests 

Guests have the right to use the premises reserved for accommodation, including common areas and the garden, and to use the services associated with it.

It is not allowed to move equipment, make repairs or tamper with the electrical network or other installations in the room or common areas.

It is not allowed to use your own electrical appliances in the Št’astná Samota property, especially in the rooms. This prohibition does not apply to adapters for laptops and mobile phones and electrical appliances used for the guest’s personal hygiene (electric razors, etc.). 

Accommodation is allowed for people who are free of infectious diseases. Guests are required to comply with the current anti-epidemic regulations in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor areas of Št’astná Samota. Violation of this regulation and smoking in the rooms or indoor areas of Šťastná Samota entitles the Accommodation Provider to charge the Client a contractual penalty of CZK 10,000 for cleaning the room or area of the Št’astná Samota. Smoking is only allowed outdoors in designated areas. The disposal of cigarette butts outside the ashtrays located in the designated areas is strictly prohibited.

The handling of open flames is strictly prohibited in all indoor areas of all Šťastná Samota buildings, with the exception of the fireplace in the main living area.

No racist, violent, xenophobic, obscene or otherwise illegal behaviour of any kind is permitted within the accommodation at Št’astná Samota.

The use of Št’astná Samota for political, propaganda or religious purposes without the consent of the Accommodation Provider is not permitted.

The making of any audiovisual recordings of Št’astná Samota for commercial purposes is not permitted without the consent of the Accommodation Provider.

The nighttime quiet time is between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Šťastná Samota is handed over without defects, if the Guest discovers any defect or malfunction during the stay, it is in his/her own interest to report the malfunction to the Accommodation Provider.

In the event of a gross violation of the Accommodation Rules, the Accommodation Provider has the right to terminate the Guest’s stay before the expiry of the agreed period.



Guests will receive two sets of master keys upon arrival. The first bundle contains a master key that unlocks the entrance to the main living room and winter garden and both entrance gates. The larger black key opens the main entrance gate. The second bundle only holds the master key. It is safe at Št’astná Samota, but we still ask Guests to close the gate and lock all doors when leaving for a walk or a trip or for the night.

In case of loss of the universal key a payment of CZK 500 will be required, in case of loss of the gate remote control a payment of CZK 1,000 will be required. 

Room keys are located directly in the door of each room.



Št’astná Samota is a great place for children, but care must be taken for their safety, especially for the smaller ones, as it is a large property with many nooks and crannies. For safety reasons, it is therefore not advisable to leave children without adult supervision in the room and other areas of Št’astná Samota. The adult Guest is fully responsible for the minor child and any damage caused by the child. Particular attention should be paid to the pool and water areas of the ponds. Children are strictly forbidden to enter the barn. For the youngest children, there is a cot with complete bedding, a baby seat, steps, a bath tub and a potty.



Pets can be accommodated upon prior notification to the Accommodation Provider. One dog bed and bowls are provided in the main living room. It is the Guest’s responsibility to clean up after four-legged pets.


The Barn

In the barn you can use wood, barbecue equipment, table tennis table and other games. It is also possible to store sorted waste here until it is taken away. The barn serves as a storage room, so you are only allowed to stay in it for as long as necessary. It is not allowed to use garden stands and tools located in the barn. Children are strictly forbidden to enter the barn.





At Šťastná Samota, we separate waste. There are separate bins for municipal waste (under the kitchen sink) and plastic and paper (next to the kitchen sink) in the living area. Guests are kindly requested to use the disposable garbage bags located under the kitchen sink. For hygienic reasons, Guests are obliged to take the municipal waste to the container located at the turn-off to the unpaved road leading to Št’astná Samota (by the Kamenný Pond) regularly and at the end of their stay. Just place paper and plastic waste in the color-coded bins in the barn. Ashes (must be cooled) are placed in the marked bin next to the barn.


Main living room

The kitchen, dining room and two living areas are connected in the main living area. One of them is purely relaxing – a library with a fireplace is freely available to Guests. The other living area located upstairs offers free use of the large screen TV with Skylink and Astra channels, Apple TV, Netflix, games console and music system.

Especially in the summer months, we recommend closing the internal door between the living room and the winter garden carefully. A winter garden by its nature acts like a greenhouse, this is reflected in the increased internal temperature on sunny days. The temperature can be reduced by opening the doors and skylights, which are controlled electronically by a switch. In case of rain, the windows close automatically. Nevertheless, please keep these windows closed at night and on departure.



The use of the fireplace is allowed according to separate instructions.



There is a well-equipped kitchen with Miele appliances (induction hob, wok panel, steam oven with grill, microwave, dish warmer, two fridge-freezers, dishwasher), ice maker, Nespresso coffee machine. The kitchen also includes all common small household appliances and kitchen utensils from WMF (kettle, blender, vegetable slicer, smoothie blender, etc.), dishes, etc. The dishwasher tablets are located under the sink.



Beds are fitted with clean linen upon arrival. Bathrooms are equipped with towels, bathrobes, bath amenities and hairdryers. Pool towels are provided for the pool and garden.



A Miele washer/dryer, iron and ironing board are available in a separate room. Laundry detergent tablets are placed in a drawer between the washer and dryer.



Cleaning is provided after the departure of the Guests, however, more frequent cleaning can be arranged upon request at an additional cost. Basic cleaning tools and equipment are available in the main living room for your own minor cleaning.



Free WiFi internet access throughout the property is a matter of course. The password is located next to the main entrance to the main living room.


Swimming pool

The pool filtration works fully automatically. Please close the pool cover when the pool is not in use to prevent small children from falling in or dirt from entering the pool, the cover also provides water heating.



Guests are obliged to be respectful of the greenery in the garden. Entering the flower beds is not allowed.



Šťastná Samota offers three outdoor cooking options, namely a gas grill, an Ofyr grill and a fire pit. The use of grills is allowed according to separate instructions. In all cases, Guests must take care when working with fire and hot objects. Wood, a spare gas container and grilling tools are located in the barn. The fire must be completely extinguished before leaving the Ofyr grill or fire pit. Storage of hot ashes in any indoor area or near combustible objects and Šťastná Samota trees is strictly prohibited. Cooled ashes must be placed in the metal container next to the barn. Building fires outside the fire pit and moving grills to locations other than the designated areas is strictly prohibited.



Guests are required to follow the operating instructions for all electrical appliances. Operating manuals are located in the kitchen.



Guests are required to place all items in their original location (e.g. kitchen equipment, utensils, etc.), turn off all appliances, turn off all lights and hand over the master key and gate remote control to the staff in person. Should they leave Šťastná Samota in the early hours of the morning or if staff are not present, the keys can be dropped into the box located at the entrance gate after leaving Šťastná Samota and locking all of its entrance doors and gates.



The Client shall be liable for any damage caused to the property of the Accommodation Provider by himself or by Guests or other persons to whom the Customer or Guests have granted access to the Šťastná Samota.

The Client shall be responsible for any damage caused by him/her, Guests or other persons to whom the Client or Guests have granted access to Šťastná Samota and agrees to pay for any costs of repairs, replacements or special cleaning. The amount of the payment will be determined by the Accommodation Provider.

Guests are obliged to report any damage (including broken dishes, etc.) to the staff no later than upon check-out.


These Accommodation Rules shall come into force and effect on 15. 7. 2022.